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10 Outdoor Activities to Include in Your Fitness Routine

Outdoor Activities
If you are looking for some fitness inspiration that doesn't involve a gym, we've got you covered. There are so many different outdoor activities to choose from that can help you meet your fitness goals. Whether it's being outside while walking, hiking or cycling or working out in your own backyard with things like...

6 Great Benefits of Stretching

Benefits of Stretching
There are many benefits to stretching. Some say their joints feel better after they stretch. That they avoid injury and maintain flexibility without taking time out of their busy day. And others believe that stretching can help build muscle, release tension, and even lead to weight loss! Have you been feeling your muscles starting to...

How to Use A Dry Skin Brush for Improving Your Health

How to Use A Dry Brush
A dry skin brush is a tool that helps remove dead cells from the surface of your skin and promotes new cell growth. The bristles penetrate deep into the pores, thus helping to improve blood circulation, relieve stress, avoid acne and promote healthy hair and nails. The benefits are limitless if used correctly. In...

How To Start a Low-Carb Diet Beginners Guide

How To Start a Low-Carb Diet
We often get questions about low-carb, ketogenic diets and how to start one. Dieters are generally wary of the idea, owing to all the conflicting information being bandied around. They ask us things like, “Is it too late for me to start?” or “If I start today, will I lose weight?” But there are...

9 Foods that are Great for Strength Training

9 Foods that are Great for Strength Training
The benefits of strength training are undeniable. This is an essential tool for burning calories and building muscle, which means when your weight-loss journey is struggling it's still important to head to the gym and put in the work. But with an increasing number of people thinking about cutting back on how often they...