Outdoor Activities

If you are looking for some fitness inspiration that doesn’t involve a gym, we’ve got you covered. There are so many different outdoor activities to choose from that can help you meet your fitness goals. Whether it’s being outside while walking, hiking or cycling or working out in your own backyard with things like pull ups and squat thrusts – sometimes the best workouts come after a long day of work or school.

In the spirit of physical activity and creativity, we rounded up 10 outdoor activities that will add fun and variety to your fitness regimen. You don’t have to be an outdoorsy type to enjoy them!

Hike a Trail

There is no other way to put it – hiking will make you feel like you are in a whole new world. Whether it’s on a trail or just a stroll into the woods, being outside can help you clear your head and boost your spirit. The great thing about hiking is there is no end date for how long it should take you. You could even continue to hike somewhere new every day if that’s what your heart desires.

Walk the Dogs

Although taking a walk outside with your pet isn’t technically a workout, it will definitely provide you with some physical activity, especially if your pooch isn’t exactly the most well-behaved of dogs. There are tons of ways to incorporate walking your dog into a fitness routine. You could walk them in the park, on a leash or without one at all.

Play Outside

It’s amazing how long most people stick to their fitness routine. Whether it’s snowboarding, playing tennis or even just walking with your friends, when you are outside you’ll feel rejuvenated and energized to continue working out. There really is no better way to keep fit than to get away from the computer and into the great outdoors for some physical activity of your own.

Do Some Pushups and Sit-ups

Push ups and sit ups are some of the quintessential exercise moves, especially for those looking to add variety to their fitness routine. No gym membership needed! You can do push ups on an office floor or even in the park if you don’t have room at home. Even while watching television, you can work these moves into your routine. Just remember – don’t overdo it or engage in risky activity when you’re trying to keep fit. You don’t want to injure yourself trying something new.

Ride Your Bike or Walk Into the Woods

Biking and walking are great ways of getting some cardio in without having to leave the house! If you have a bike, you can go for a ride with your friends as well as do some cross-training by working out on stationary bike indoors. Even if you don’t have a bike, there are plenty of places you can walk your pup or take a stroll yourself. Just be mindful of your surroundings, especially at night.

Ice Skate

Although ice skating may not come to mind when it comes to staying fit, it is a fun way of getting some cardio in without having to go anywhere! You can either head over to the rink or buy some ice skates for the winter and bring them out to the frozen lake once it’s cold enough.


If you have a bike, you can easily add cardio to your routine. Whether it’s a short ride around your neighborhood or a long trek through the forest, cycling is a great way to burn lots of calories while being active outdoors. There are plenty of places you can go on bicycle rides of different distances and terrain. Just remember to be safe and don’t ride if you haven’t been biking in some time.

Walk and Run

You can really put whatever “endurance” level is high on your fitness checklist by walking or running while keeping fit. Whether you’re walking the dog or running a 5k, these natural forms of physical activity can be fun and easy to incorporate into your routine. If possible, try to include some nice views as you stroll!

Break into Group Fitness Classes

If you have a local gym membership or are able to find some cheap bootcamp classes online, there is no better way of adding variety and challenge to your fitness routine than going to a class.


Roller blading may not be for everyone, but there is a ton that you can do on roller blades that you won’t be able to accomplish when jogging on the sidewalk. Whether you’re out on the street or in your neighborhood, roller blading is an enjoyable form of cardio exercise you can enjoy outside.


Although yoga just comes to mind when you think of stretchy people trying to find inner peace, there is actually a ton of strength and endurance involved in this traditional form of exercise. Try your hand at yoga!


As you can see, the great outdoors offers endless fitness opportunities for all ages and fitness levels. It doesn’t take much to incorporate some physical activities into your routine, so add a few of these ideas to your fitness routine today and see where it takes you!